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Name: Andy
Tel: 0086-769 8751-8895
Fax: 0086-769 8100-1056
Mobile: 0086-186-8200-7927
E-mail: helongmold@helong-industry.com
Add: 20#,Helong-Industry,ZT Road,DG 523688.Hunan.China

We have 4 workshop that can offer most kinds of precision machining for Mould and Tools Components
Guide Bushes and Pillars ; Bronze Oilless Self-lubricating Parts , Etc;
Workshop2: Standard Punches & Die Buttons, Etc;
Workshop3: JIS / Misum, ISO 10243 Compression Die Spring
Workshop4: Misumi / Danly Ball Cages , Etc.

MSN: Helongmold@hotmail.com  Skype: Helongmold Skype: Alice.helongmold