DIN7979 & DIN6325 Dowel Pin

DIN7979 & DIN6325 Dowel Pin

DIN 7979

  • Product No.: With Threaded Hole


Standard Dowel Pins for Mold and Tools 
Hasco Z25 /  ISO8734 DIN 6325 Dowel Pins
Hasco Z26 / DIN7979  Dowel Pins
Standard Dowel Pin DIN 7979,DIN 6325

Helong-Industry Offer ISO 8764, DIN 6325, DIN 7979 Dowel Pins
And Special Drawing Of Dowel Pins Are Also Available .

Dowel Pins Are A Kind Of Alloy Metal Cylindrical Fasteners That Are Used In A Wide Range Of Applications.
They Are Used To Retain Parts In A Fixed Position, Maintain Alignment Between Different Parts, Or To Join Different Components Together.
Precision Dowel Pins Are Manufactured To Stringent Industry Standards In Terms Of Tolerance And Length Requirements, Thus Ensuring Close And Tight Fits.

We Offer Dowel Pins With Materials : Stainless Steel 302, 303, 304, 316 & 416 Alloy Steel With HRC55-60

Sizes & Lengths:Various Lengths Are Available , The Surface is Precision Ground to the ISO Tolerance m5.
In A Full Range Of Metric (From 1mm) & Inches (From 1/16") Sizes To 40mm.

Dowel Pin DIN 7979,DIN 6325


DIN 7979 Standard


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