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ISO 8020 TiN Coating Punches and Dies


ISO 8020 TiN Coating Punches and Dies

Product No.:TiN 高速钢冲针

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We offer Punches and Dies With TiN, TiCN , TiALN  Coating.


HRC 58-62: HWS(1.2516) /  SKD11 / A2 ;
HRC 62-64: HSS(1.3343) / SKH51  /  M2 ;
HRC 62-67: ASP23,  ASP30 ; Etc. 

,TiCN ,TiAlN , Etc. 

Delivery Time depended on the Material and the quantity, For HWS or similar usually 5 Days,
For HSS or similar material usually 7-8 Days.
Precision  Exactly to(+/-0.002),Good Finishing Surface. 
Standard as DIN 9861 , ISO 8020,Misumi, Fibro,Dayton.Etc,  Customized drawing available too

 Helong-industry workshop

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