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Misumi MS Dowel Pin


Misumi MS Dowel Pin

Product No.:MS 直身圆柱销

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We offer Standard Dowel Pins such as
Misumi: MS , MSTM, MSTP ,MSTH  (Stocks)


DIN 7979, ISO 8735 , Hasco Z26 ,DME WZ7005 (Stocks)

DIN 6325 , ISO 8734 , Hasco Z25,DME-DP (Stocks)

Material:SUJ2; Hardness:60±2HRC

High precision,Size & Tolerance same as standard.In Stocks

All the surface been polished,perfect surface

Standard Dowel pin-Goupille cylindrique

DIN 6325 Dowel pin, ISO 8734 Dowel pin, Hasco Z25 Dowel pin,

Execution: Hardened and ground to finest finish.

DIN 7979 Dowel pin,ISO 8735 Dowel pin,Hasco Z26 Dowel pin,

Standard Dowel pin, with extraction thread

Execution: Hardened and ground to finest finish.

Dowel Pin DIN 7979,DIN 6325
DIN 7979 Standard

DIN 7979 dowel pin,DIN 6325 dowel pin,misumi MSTM Dowel pins

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